Im that guy on an MMO who wont wear armour if it looks like shit I refuse I will wear a worse armour if it looks good and when all else fails i will wear nothing but pants and some gloves because I’d rather be killed than swagless



somebody posted that post on twitter and the dude seen it and was rlly happy :)



Jennifer Lawrence Nude in Leaked Cell Phone Photos. See the full set here.


toe sucker: you wouldn’t suck her toes but you would eat her ass

get to know me meme: [5/10] actors/actresses
rooney mara -
My favorite thing about acting isn’t necessarily the acting part. It’s that you never stop learning, you’re constantly learning new skills and new things about people. To me that’s really interesting and fun.”


Imagine if hentai was real

Man of Steel + (Kryptonian) Costume Design